Local Search Marketing Consultant for Small Business

Your 2024 Marketing Strategy

To Attract Local Customers

Top of Search is launching The Local Pack, a class series delivering a Local Search Marketing Strategy designed to help small business owners attract local customers.

You’ll receive lessons in bite-sized pieces, month-by-month, throughout 2024 to implement in your business.

This is a proven Marketing Strategy for your business and is the only marketing strategy you’ll need!

Why do some businesses fail while others succeed?

One major reason for business failure is lack of planning. If you are struggling with any  of the 3 challenges below when it comes to marketing, consider joining The Local Pack this January. 


struggling to create

If you are struggling to create a marketing plan, regardless of the reason, this class is just for you. You’ll receive exactly what you need to implement a 12-month Local Search Marketing Strategy. served up in bite-sized pieces to attract local customers. 


overwhelmed with ideas

If you are overwhelmed with hundreds of ideas and tasks but don’t know what to prioritize, this class can help. The lessons will be shared month-by-month to keep you focused on what matters to achieve your revenue goals this year.


simply need a better strategy

If you need a better strategy that works to grow your business’ revenue, this class is for you! The marketing strategy you will be taught is proven and has helped local businesses rise to the top of the search rankings.


The Class Series

The Local Pack class series begins in 2024 with “Start Your Local Search Engines”. This initial class is perfect for the business owner who wants to attract local customers AND who is:

  • A brand-new business
  • A business that doesn’t have a marketing plan
  • A business that is completely overwhelmed with ideas and doesn’t know what to prioritize
  • A business that has a plan but needs a better strategy to generate revenue.

“Start Your Local Search Engines” is a collection of lessons that will be shared month-by-month to ensure you can successfully implement a Local Marketing Strategy into your business and grow your revenue.

Your 2024 Marketing Strategy to Attract Local customers

The Class Schedule for 2024

The Local Pack will be meeting on the first Thursday of every month for a 1-hour morning class via Zoom, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

*One exception: For the month of July, the class will be meeting on the second Thursday.

Class participants will also have access to a private Facebook Group to share ideas with other class members and ask questions directly with me, Anna Curry, a Local Search Marketer.



The Class Outline

The class is structured to be your 2024 Marketing Strategy and one that you can tailor to your business.

As a business owner myself, I recognize the challenges that owners often face in managing multiple priorities. The monthly class structure was created to not overwhelm you with everything all at once.

This class series will guide you month by month, ensuring you understand and implement essential marketing strategies to attract local customers and grow revenue as each month unfolds.

Take a look at the class outline for 2024 below. Each lesson will guide you with information you need to understand the local search strategy, resources to be successful and a monthly list of tactics you’ll want to implement.

Lesson 1 – January

Marketing to Drive Sales

In this lesson, topics will include how marketing drives sales, how to set up the right framework for your digital presence and discuss the basics of local search and the ranking factors you can (and should!) control.

Lesson 2 – February

Rev Your Growth Engine

In this lesson, topics will include the site architecture for your search intent-driven website, along with what your core navigation strategy needs to be.

Lesson 3 – March

Blinders: Focus on “You”

In this lesson, topics will include content marketing, differentiation, the importance of localization, and a multi-channel distribution strategy to further define your local search strategy to attract local customers.

Lesson 4 – April

How To Gain Ground…You Gotta Be Found

In this lesson, secrets will be exposed on how to gain visibility in search more quickly and you’ll receive the framework for staying consistent with your strategy.

Lesson 5 – May

Let’s Accelerate. Position 1 is up for grabs.

In this lesson, topics will include road-mapping, what acceleration looks like and tips will be shared to make sure your strategy’s tactics are achievable.

Lesson 6 – June

Where Are We Now?

In this lesson, topics will include what your mid-year check should consist of, when to pursue or pivot your strategy, what you should know about your audience and how to fuel the fire to attract more local customers.

Lesson 7 – July

Who’s On Your team

In this lesson, topics will include individual branding, how to amplify differentiation, and how to promote your expertise.

Lesson 8 – August

Let’s Get *That* On Cruise Control

In this lesson, topics will include how to determine what’s working / what’s not, what’s your best offer, who’s your ideal audience and what part of your strategy needs to get on cruise control.

Lesson 9 – September

Who’s In Your Fan Club?

In this lesson, topics will include channels, what partnerships can do for your business and how to begin your outreach.

Lesson 10 – October

Sprint for The Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all

In this lesson, topics will include the importance of revenue campaigns, how to build a campaign strategy, and the impact of sales incentives on your revenue goals.

Lesson 11 – November

Just Be Human, It’s the Holidays

In this lesson, topics will include how to be human around the holidays and the importance of letting your customers get to know you.

Lesson 12 – December

The Final Lap. Let’s Wrap It Up!

In this lesson, topics will include your year-end revenue review, what’s next in terms of marketing, and how to consistently make small business growth easier.

This class is for you, if…

You can say “YES” to the following:

  • You are the point person for marketing activities
  • You can make updates to your website

To achieve the most favorable outcome from this class, you need to be in charge of Marketing for your business.

You are the marketing department

If you have responsibility for both the strategic and tactical marketing efforts for your business, you absolutely need a strategy that generates revenue to help you “shine”. This is a proven strategy that will exceed your head honcho’s expectations.

You are a *BUSY* business owner

If you are running your business, and managing the day-to-day, including Marketing, this class will deliver what you need to do monthly to attract local customers and grow your revenue in 2024.

This class is for your business, if…

The business can say “YES” to one of the following:

  • A brand-new business
  • A business that doesn’t have a marketing plan
  • A business that is completely overwhelmed with ideas and doesn’t know what to prioritize
  • A business that has a plan but needs a better strategy to generate revenue.

If you are looking for a prepped and proven local search marketing strategy for 2024 that is designed to attract local customers and grow revenue, this class is for you.

You are a brand new business

The absolute best time to kick off a local search marketing strategy is when you are BRAND NEW! You’ll be establishing best practices to help you grow your business with a marketing focus, not an advertising spend.

Your business that doesn't have a marketing plan

If you’ve been able to grow your business without a marketing plan, you likely have a product or service in high demand. Why not capture the money you’re leaving on the table by gaining visibility in search?

Your business is completely overwhelmed with ideas and doesn't know what to prioritize

It’s easy to mistake tactics for strategy. Posting to social is a tactic. Tactics can easily become overwhelming for businesses because there is always another tactic out there that you could implement. A marketing plan can keep you focused.


If your marketing plan isn’t working, it’s time to pivot and switch up the plan. With greater visibility in search for the products and services you offer, you’ll stand a better chance at attracting the customers that are looking to shop local.

Anna’s approach to marketing is, in my experience, unique. Her strategy and process is singularly focused on generating a financial return on every $ spent for her clients. She’s a brilliant strategist that listens, researches, and then compiles a strategy that takes your business from 0-100 in short order. She is fanatical about small details, yet grande in vision.”

Todd Stancombe

Don’t miss out … this year-long class series starts January 4th.

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Top of Search Local Search Marketing Consultant Anna Tindal

Meet Your Educator Anna Curry

Top of Search’s dedication to helping small businesses grow is led by Anna Curry. With over a decade of working in startup environments, Anna launched Top of Search to share her local marketing expertise and creative growth strategies through consultancy.

As a local marketing educator, Anna will help you increase your brand’s visibility both online and offline with a multi-channel approach. Her specialty for small businesses is brand differentiation through Local SEO Marketing and SEO-Focused Content Marketing.

To beat the competition and drive new revenue growth for clients, Anna deploys small business growth strategies to increase visibility in SERPs, optimize the Brand SERP, increase visibility in the Local Pack, improve organic rankings and increase social media engagement for the brand.

Her strategies for small businesses drive faster growth by placing focus on brand differentiation, the customer experience, community involvement, and deploying a number of cost-effective tools (e.g. a CRM and sales enablement resources) to maximize productivity and generate more revenue.

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