There’s A Big Opportunity in Wilmington for A Local Small Business 

Top of Search sees the rapid growth of Wilmington, North Carolina as a pro and con to small business owners. Find out how you can use Local SEO to prep your business for growth.

The Small Business Owner’s Opportunity in Wilmington

Wilmington has long since been an attractive seasonal getaway for individuals and families in larger cities of North Carolina, like Charlotte and Raleigh.

However, the Wilmington metro area saw the population climb over 2020-2021 with a 1.8% increase, the 38th highest among all U.S. metro areas. This rapid growth in the year-round population means the small business owner’s opportunity in Wilmington just got a bit brighter and tougher depending on how you choose to see it.

Pros of Growth

With an influx of new residents flooding into Wilmington, small business owners have an opportunity to increase revenue, attract a new audience of loyal customers, test new business concepts, while also continuing to help shape the city’s evolving identity beyond tourism.

Cons of Growth

Growth, however, does bring a downside. Cities that experience rapid growth also have the deal with the likelihood that larger companies will come into town. Look a little west and you’ll see this happening in the South End of Charlotte. Stiff competition in certain areas are forcing local business owners to close or seek alternate locations.

The big fish can and do swallow up little guys at times but savvy small business owners can capitalize on their locality to not only compete, but win.

What Should A Local Small Business Do To Prepare for Wilmington’s Growth?

Utilize Local SEO

Focus on Prominence and Relevancy

The small business owner should prepare (even accelerate) Local SEO efforts to build a brand focused on establishing Prominence and Relevancy in the Wilmington area for the product or service offered.

By focusing your Local SEO strategy on building prominence (how well known are you in the community) and relevancy (how well do you communicate online who you are and what you offer), you will have a better chance at commanding a good head start on the competition coming into Wilmington that wants to compete with you for visibility online.

Prominence and Relevancy are both local search ranking factors Google uses to measure where to position a business in the Local Pack.

Focus On The Local Pack

With a desire to attract all the new customers in Wilmington, the search engine results page (SERP) feature – the Local Pack – is where you want to be.

This SERP feature appears on the first page of results for any search query with local intent. 

As a local business, you can command placement in the local pack for products and services that you offer and it’s an excellent way for new residents to become aware of your business.

Larger companies that have a local presence can be in the Local Pack as well but Top of Search has found local business owners actually have an advantage in the local pack if they prepare.

Use Local To Your Advantage

Locality Is Your Secret Weapon

A business newcomer needs to work extra hard to compete for visibility in search if market competition is savvy. 

A key focus for Top of Search is to help clients become prominent in their area and the best at communicating to Google they are relevant so newcomers are not a huge worry.

Google will determine how established it believes you are in the local area but local search marketing efforts can help.

Ask yourself. How many signals do you share on your website that indicate you are active in the community? Or how relevant does your website appear to the search queries that your ideal customers are searching for?

Position Your Business for Growth. Don’t Wait!

A local marketing strategy built to attract your target audience will position your business to attract new customers as Wilmington continues to grow.

If you are a local business, now is the time to start making an effort with local search. Staying ahead of business competition is always easier than getting ahead. 😉


Local Search Ranking Factors

Need Assistance with a strategy for Growth?

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