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Make Business Growth Easier.

Top of Search provides local search marketing for the local, small business owner.

With a focus on building visibility in search, Top of Search will make business growth easier for you!

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Growth Advice For Your Small Business

Top of Search offers local search marketing consultancy to small business owners. What challenges are preventing you from achieving your growth potential?

Business Challenges A Local Search Marketing Consultant Can Solve For You

New and Unknown

Are you launching a business and seeking a partner with marketing expertise to help you build a localized marketing plan?

Not Visible In Search

Do you lack brand visibility online? Would you like to be more easily found online in local searches by your target audience?

Not Enough Time

Are you consumed with the day-to-day business operations and lacking the time to dedicate to local marketing?

Don’t Know How To Find Customers

Do you need a local marketing strategy to attract customers? Are you unsure how to promote your local business?

Need More Foot Traffic

Are you struggling to bring prospective customers to your door? Do you need to increase your foot traffic to sustain your physical location?

Differentiation Amongst Competition

Are you in a competitive market? Are you a small fry amongst established players? Do your competitors outrank you online? Are you losing business to your competition?


Are you struggling to generate revenue? Do you desire to accelerate revenue during certain times of the year to take advantage of your seasonal business? Do you want to maximize revenue for a grand opening?

Definition of Local Search Marketing

Discover How To Grow With A Local Search Marketing Consultant

A Local Search Marketing Consultant helps a business take advantage of the opportunities available in search to grow their business and beat the competition.

According to Joel House Search Media, 92% of searchers are selecting businesses on the first page of local search results so it’s easy to understand why now it’s advantageous for the local business owner to invest time into discovering how local search marketing can help.

An investment in time today is the potential for a new customer tomorrow!

ways of working

Who we help.


Startup Growth Stage

We specialize in unlocking the marketing barriers for business growth typically seen with small businesses in their first 5 years.


Small Business

We specialize in local SEO to drive growth for brick & mortar or service-area small businesses. 


North Carolina

Our expertise is helping our clients market their business locally. We provide small business marketing exclusively to North Carolina businesses.

Local Search Marketing Consultant based in Wilmington

Based in Wilmington NC, Top of Search provides local search marketing consultancy to small businesses in Wilmington and the surrounding NC Beaches.

Small Business Marketing: What Can You Expect?

We provide marketing for small businesses that makes growth easier.

At Top of Search, we lend our local search marketing expertise to Wilmington area businesses in areas we know best.

  • Local SEO
  • SEO-Optimized Web Design
  • Google My Business
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Local Community Engagement
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Enablement
  • Business Planning
  • Google Ads

As performance-driven consultants, we do not follow a cookie-cutter approach. We identify and unlock the unique marketing barriers preventing your business from its growth potential.


Meet Anna Tindal

Top of Search’s dedication to helping NC small businesses grow is led by Anna Tindal. With over a decade of working in startup environments, Anna launched Top of Search to share her local marketing expertise and creative growth strategies through consultancy.

As a local marketing consultant, Anna will help you increase your brand’s visibility both online and offline with a multi-channel approach. Her specialty for small businesses is Local SEO Marketing, Google Ads, and Google My Business Management.

To beat the competition and drive new revenue growth for clients, Anna deploys small business growth strategies to increase visibility in SERPs, optimize the Brand SERP, increase visibility in the Local Pack, improve organic rankings and increase social media engagement for the brand.

Her strategies for small businesses drive faster growth by placing focus on brand differentiation, the customer experience, community involvement, and deploying a number of cost-effective tools (e.g. a CRM and sales enablement resources) to maximize productivity and generate more revenue.

To take advantage of actionable advice today, check out her Local SEO Tips.

 Ways of Working

How we work.


3 Month Consult

Local search marketing strategy to include:

  • Business Discovery
  • Competitor Audit
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Brand SERP Strategy
  • Local Pack
  • Google My Business 
  • Online Directories
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Calendar
  • Process Templates

Recommended for: The 3-month consult is best for SMBs that want to utilize the expertise of a consultant to audit and refine an existing local search strategy for the business to better position the brand for increased visibility and growth online.


6 Month Project

Foundational business and marketing strategy to include:

  • Business Growth planning
  • Revenue Goal setting/tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Brand SERP
  • Keyword/Content-Optimized Website
  • Local Pack
  • Google My Business 
  • Online Directories
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Content creation
  • A comprehensive handover with documentation at the end of the engagement

Recommended for: The 6-month project is best for SMBs that want to utilize the expertise of a consultant to establish a local search strategy for the business but ultimately want an on-staff employee or team to assume day-to-day management.


1 Year Project

Foundational business and marketing strategy, plus:

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Community Engagement Strategy
  • Paid Advertising Strategy
  • Quarterly handover training during the engagement

Recommended for: The 1-year project is best for SMBs that are brand-new or in a more competitive local market. The 1-year project includes a Paid Advertising strategy to increase visibility with new customers more quickly in the SERPs. This project option also assumes an on-staff employee or team will assume day-to-day management.



1 Year Project activities, plus:

  • Brand SERP Management
  • Yearly planning with prioritized service mix aligned with revenue targets

Recommended for: A partnership is best for SMBs that want to take full advantage of the visibility and lead generation an ongoing local search marketing strategy can have to stay ahead of the competition and drive new customer revenue. A partnership is also recommended for SMBs that do not intend to dedicate in-house resources to brand management, local search marketing, and sales enablement. 


Local Search Concierge

Local Search Concierge takes small business owners by the hand and delivers:

  • Week by Week programming to improve local visibility online
  • A tactical plan for local search marketing, eliminating the guesswork of how to be successful in Local Search
  • A curriculum designed to help you grow your business step-by-step

Recommended for: Local Search Concierge (LSC) is best for SMBs that are willing to carve out time to local search marketing but are completely overwhelmed with where to start. LSC offers small business owners a clear framework for where to start and delivers a curriculum weekly for what they should do next. LSC’s step-by-step guide takes the guesswork out of how to improve your position in search. Note: LSC does not offer the business owner advice specific to their small business or vertical so for owners seeking business or vertical-specific advice please consider the other service offerings. 


Google Ads Campaign

Online advertising strategy for the Google Ads platform to include:

  • Business Discovery
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research & Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Launch
  • 3 mos. Initial Management
  • Biweekly Reporting

Recommended for: The Google Ads campaign is best for SMBs that desire to immediately increase online visibility for a grand opening launch or seasonal business push. With a positive ROI, Google Ads are recommended on an ongoing basis as a part of a broader local search strategy. Best for businesses that are brand-new or in a more competitive local market. Ongoing Google Ads management after the initial 3 mos. is also available.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports about 20% of businesses fail in their first year and about 50% fail in their fifth year.

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